Google Allo Coming to Google Chrome, Now Available for Chrome on Android

Google Allo for web Google Chrome

Google Allo, the instant messaging app, could soon be available on the web for Chrome users across multiple devices. It is currently available for the Google Chrome app on Android devices, but support will soon be included for other mobile browsers and, eventually, desktop browsers. The web client will allow the user to chat with Google Assistant and includes Smart replies.

The new Google Allo for web will let you use chat and messaging on your PC or laptop without the use of a mobile, which is a relief for people with limited data plans. Google Allo was originally developed as an app for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems, with a web client now available on Google Chrome for Android. The app was announced during the developer conference in May last year and was unveiled in the month of September.

Google reports that it is still working on proper text messaging integration and will be done soon. There are also new features lined up – the app image editor will allow the user to add stickers to their images. Also, the user will be able to scrub through any audio and play with Allo’s notification channels, with the latest version Android O. The service is now available for Android users via Google’s Chrome browser. It notes that iOS pairing is coming soon.

Similar to WhatsApp web, Google Allo web interface is easy to navigate on mobile devices. It works by pairing with the mobile device as a bridge. To get started, the Allo app has to be installed on Android mobile devices; ensure that the option ‘Allo or web’ is enabled in the mobile app menu. Later, launch the Allo for the web on Chrome browser and tap on ‘Scan QR code’ under Allo for the web on the mobile app. This will connect the device and open the service on the browser. This has to be done manually as Allo for the web does not sign users in automatically.

Amit Fulay, Allo’s head of product, tweeted Google is “actively working on supporting more” browsers, though he didn’t offer a timeline.

The company looks at Allo and Duo as its consumer chat services, while Hangouts is for business needs. Google Duo, the video chatting app, has around 100 million downloads, while Allo’s uptake was slow and now it has a little more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store platform.

These numbers are purely based on downloads, but Google remains silent on the actual number of monthly active users.

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