Facebook is About to Go Through These Major UI Design Changes, Just for You

Facebook Redesigning

The social media giant has started rolling out visual updates to its app and website. The company is all geared up to make communication much easier and simpler, ensuring a rich experience on its core Facebook platform.

The company says the change is notable – there are no more squares, they’ve all been replaced by circles. The social media major apparently believes that things with round corners are supposed to be perceived very quickly, as opposed to those with square ones.

The makeover is also part of a larger initiative that even includes, the News Feed, a significant part of Facebook’s experience that is now different for each user, with a unique set of stories rolling into their feed.

The company reported that the team is working on the new design so it makes conversations easier to read and navigate; the feature will be released in the coming weeks. Facebook will also be updating the comment layout in posts, making link previews bigger in the News Feed, and will be adding Like, Comment and Share buttons.

Comments are obviously the most preferred way of engaging with other people about a post, and Facebook was always proactive in periodically changing the design to give a more lively and legible experience. In a few weeks’ time, we can expect to see a few more changes coming, mainly around improved navigation and readability.

Facebook’s design team writes: “we did not want to just ‘fiddle at the edges’, but rather make something that billions of people use every day less frustrating.”

The improved navigation will give a more consistent experience: users get to see where the link will navigate to before clicking on it, and also get to see whose post the user is writing or reading the comment about. And they can return to the News Feed through a back button, which is simpler.

On the readability front, the look and feel will get a boost by increased color contrast, to make the typography more legible. Larger link previews and updated icons – Like, Comment and Share button are larger and easier to tap. Also, circular profile pictures will now show who is posting or commenting.

Facebook states that the new changes will not have any impact on the reach or traffic of pages; instead, it will enrich the experience with more prominent links, headlines and also minimize clicks on hoax sites.

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