Google Forges Ahead with Major Updates to G Suite Productivity Apps

G Suite office productivity and collaboration SaaS applications getting upgrades and new features

Google has rolled out yet another major update for its cloud-based productivity software offering, G Suite, by adding new versions, refinements, formatting templates and smart enterprise search solution from within its productivity apps.

The focus is to get faster collaboration on Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, along with support for Google Cloud Search. Also, adding a few templates and add-ons partners like LegalZoom, DocuSign, LucidChart and others makes it even better.

The new features and refinements will let users track the version of the document from first draft to final version. The user can track any significant changes by saving multiple versions of documents under different names. Version Control gives the user an option to track each copy under version history, with an option to show named versions. The Version Control feature is designed to improve workflows and help teams locate information when they need it.

With the new upgrades to G Suite, Business and Enterprise users will be able to quickly access required information from within their internal documents. Using Machine Intelligence, Cloud Search pulls up relevant and required information in the document, to help the user work more efficiently without leaving the editor page. Cloud Search will look for and pull out important information from G Suite apps including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites and more, and is geared towards allowing users to craft better presentations and information-rich documents.

In the earlier version, the user had to access the documents by navigating to Cloud Search, whereas the new update allows access without leaving the page. Reviewing punctuation and other changes has also been made a lot easier: the user can accept or reject all edit suggestions at once. The additional feature lets the user see a clean preview of Docs without comments and suggested edits.

Initially, Google said that changes could be done only from the desktop, but now these suggestions can also be submitted from Android or iOS devices. It can be accessed from the three dots menu icon on the bottom right of the screen in all three productivity apps.

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