Galaxy Note 8 Really Needs These Protective Cases: A Lumion Show”case”

Galaxy Note 8 Lumion Cases

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was launched to much acclaim two days ago, and a plethora of accessories has already made its appearance on the market.

Protective cases for the flagship devices are at the top of the list. Given the device will be covered in glass, protective cases are likely to be very popular for the Galaxy Note 8. The particular line of cases we’re talking about today are made by Lumion, a company known for its design lab where each feature is carefully crafted and designed for maximum protection, convenience and budget-friendliness.

The company’s concept is to design and create everyday items for everyday use, and at an everyday great value. You can get one for your Galaxy Note 8 from Amazon, and we’ve listed a few options for you:

The Gardien is made for terrific protection, with rounded edges and an easy-to-slip-on design. It has dual-layer shock resistant materials layered with raised edges. The case comes in six different colors – Black Metallic, Gold Sand, Dark Silver, Orchid Purple, Metallic Silver, and Blue Coral.

Grab the Gardien on Amazon

The Diamont is said to be the perfect for Galaxy Note 8 – means it protects without covering the gorgeous design of the device. The case is pocket-friendly and easy to slip on model. It is durable and clear with raised edges.

Do the Diamont on Amazon

The Osprey sports features similar to other Note 8 cases by Lumion, but with a hidden compartment for two credit cards – for those to prefer to carry their plastic with them at all times. Great card space and a secure design make this a must-have. The Semi-Automatic Mechanism allows quick and easy intuitive access to your cards, and this feature is patent pending.

Osprey on Amazon

The Savant is designed for those who prefer a wallet-style design, and is a pure leather case that has a sophisticated look. The case also has slots for cards and cash. Take calls and pictures even with the cover on.

Savant on Amazon

The Huey is ultra-slim, protecting the device from scratches and minor drops. The case is pocket-friendly, with a single-layer and shock-absorbing TPU edges protecting the device against daily drops. It is also lightweight.

Huey on Amazon

Last comes the Diamont Air. This case is perfect for people who want the look of the Galaxy Note 8 design to be visible with the case on, but with complete protection against scratches and drops. This crystal-clear case is lightweight and just 1.5mm thick, and it fits the Galaxy Note 8 like a glove.

Diamont Air on Amazon