Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Gets iOS- and Android-Friendly Features

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

The upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will allow you to connect your Android or iOS phone to your Windows 10 PC with ease. New updates to the Fall Creators Update bring in brand new features, like letting the user take web pages on mobile and send them to their Windows PC, unlike the existing feature which is limited to getting text messages on your PC.

The new release will have a dedicated section for phone access, allowing a stronger connection between the two. Notably, there are three ways in which Windows 10 increases its level of compatibility with Android and iOS devices.

Reply to texts rights within Windows. It sounds handy that Windows 10 allows you to treat a text message received on your phone just like another email in your inbox.

To activate the feature, you will need to download the Cortana app for Android or Cortana for iOS. Cortana is designed to be a digital assistant, and it operates behind the scenes. It basically acts as a connective line between your phone and your PC. The best part of this app is that it lets the user reply to phone calls and text messages right from the PC. Even if you miss a text, you can view it through notifications.

While we’ve looked at the plus side of the feature, it also has certain flaws – possibilities that the app can get confused while switching between multiple PCs. Also, Windows generally doesn’t send the notification when it is in sleep on hibernation mode. Still, a string of notifications will pop up on your PC when it wakes, and you can respond via text from the notification itself.

Next is one of the features previously promised by Microsoft. “Pick up where you left off” is said to be part of the Fall Creators Update as well. This will enable you to more seamlessly switch between Windows devices, specifically between your phone and PC. To activate it, you’ll need to link your phone within Windows and download the required mobile app.

Another update is one that allows you to bypass the Windows password with your phone password. The new update will allow you to log in to your Windows 10 PC using your phone login. Windows will authenticate the transaction with a combination of the password and the code Microsoft generates to your device. At times, if the Authenticator app is unable to access the server to approve the transaction, the app is designed to automatically generate an eight digit code that changes every 30 seconds.

The new features will launch alongside the public version of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update that’s soon to be released. If you’re already a Microsoft Insider, you can install the latest build to test out these features.

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