Are Apple and Samsung Dropping the Ball on Battery Life?


With all the rumors and leaks so far on Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 8, the device has practically been stripped bare even before the public has set its eyes on it. We know that it is expected to be bezel-less, support wireless charging, feature a stunning OLED screen, 3D face recognition and a slew of other features. But the most important feature that will push sales could be a longer battery life.

Apple is constantly working and pushing hard to get improved battery life. The issue is not exclusively with iPhone. It matters in a big way for Samsung’s flagships as well, notably next year’s Galaxy S9/S9+ and the Galaxy Note 9.

Smartphone battery life is a major issue for most people who are overly reliant on their device to get them through the day. And that’s an overwhelming majority of the smartphone-toting population around the world. Carrying your charger, using a battery case or a power bank are all simple solutions, but they don’t address the real problem.

With respect to iPhone 8, the point is that Apple has given more focus on the look and design of the device, including the vanished home button, a better FaceTime camera, wireless technology, new sensors, a bezel-less look and so on. Instead, Apple could have put more effort into looking at improving battery technology. With every iPhone release, the battery has become the highlight, and so it remains with the upcoming iPhone 8.

The good part of iPhone is that the device in standby mode does not drain out battery, whereas Android phones tend drain out the battery even when they’re not touched for several hours.

Samsung had a fair chance to latch onto a longer battery life for its devices, but the company looked at getting a safer device than the Note 7 from last year. The company also states that their newest battery comes with a volatile solid polymer instead of liquid – again, as part of its safety measures.

Apple’s partnership with LG portrayed that the company is keen on optimizing and improving battery life in the upcoming device, but we don’t know how much of an improvement it will actually have. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for our hands-on review after iPhone 8 is officially available.

Samsung also has big plans for improving its battery technology and offering better battery life, but is also chasing design and features to compete with Apple. During every launch, Apple mentions battery life and promises that it will be better. Apple used AI in iOS 10 to get extended battery life, which is good, but still nothing on the battery technology itself.

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