Every good DJ has equipment that they are confident in using. Having the proper equipment is imperative as you will be spending hours upon hours with your setup. In fact, your equipment is your bread and butter, so to speak, as it helps you perform and make money. Without proper equipment, you may not be able to excel at your craft. Due to advancements in technology, DJs now have options as to what kind of equipment they will choose to use. For example, DJs can choose between using a modular controller or a model that is considered to be an “all-in-one.” This article will identify the difference between both models and feature the perks that one may find when using an all-in-one model over a modular one.

All-in-one controllers offer three major components in one streamlined system. This controller comes with a sound card, mixing section, and deck controls all in one compact unit. A modular controller requires the purchase of a sound card and a mixer. As with anything, some prefer one over the other. Here are some perks to using the all-in-one unit.

  1. Streamlined and well designed controllers offer the user the ability to have everything all in one place and literally at their fingertips. Many all-in-one controllers have a great interface that is well organized, clean, and makes DJing a joy to do. Most popular amongst DJs who are just starting out or who plan to play at small gatherings over large club-like environments, the all-in-one is cost-effective and efficient.

  2. Having an internal sound card makes it easy for the DJ as it is one less component that you have to plug in when setting up for a gig. Another great perk is that having an internal sound card can save you some money as many manufacturers offer it as a bundle promotion. Some experienced DJs share that an internal sound card does not provide the best quality, but this is based on personal preference more than evidence-based data. If you are interested in purchasing an all-in-one controller but are concerned that the sound card may not be as good as if you were to purchase it on its own, consider investing in a Native Instruments controller as they are considered to be the exception to the rule. To learn more about controller components and various models on the market, be sure to check out https://bestdjstuff.com/dj-controllers.

  3. You can save space and it makes setup easier. An all-in-one controller is typically used by a DJ who is just getting started in the business as they are cost-effective and easy to transport. In addition, having several components in one piece of equipment can cut down on setup time and save space on your DJ table, and in transporting your equipment from one gig to the next.

There are several reasons why you may choose an all-in-one controller over a modular unit, but the overall verdict lies in one’s personal preference.