Xiaomi Mi Calculator App on Android, and Xiaomi Grows 290 percent in India Smartphone Segment


Xiaomi uploaded its Mi calculator app in the Google Play store a few months ago, and it is accessible to Android devices running Jelly Bean 4.1 or later. The real news is that Xiaomi is flexing its muscles not only in the hardware space, but also on mobile apps.

The Mi calculator app stands out by offering an array of advanced functionality, like a currency converter that is updated daily, trigonometric calculations, unit converter and much more. It also includes the calculation of area, length, speed time, volume conversion and so on. The app isn’t exclusively for Mi devices, though.

The Mi calculator is more of a scientific calculator because it performs any sort of math without any lag time. The wide array of calculations and functionalities is performed in one interface and one window. Other significant features include viewing input and result history, which allow you to cross check your calculations and also continue from where you left off. Daily updates on the exchange rates in the universal currency converter helps you to get the most recent quotes, while the mortgage calculator will be useful for potential homeowners or second mortgage applicants.

This isn’t the first app that Xiaomi has released under the Mi branding. Others include Mi Caller, Mi Cloud and Mi Compass.

As it pushes into mobile apps, Xiaomi is also razor-focused on the hardware market. With the smartphone market under tremendous pressure from competitors within and outside its home market, Xiaomi has its hands full fighting for market share.

The latest figures show that Xiaomi retained its fourth position in the huge Chinese smartphone market, which is the largest in the world. The U.S. recently lost second position to India, which saw third quarter numbers grow by an impressive 23%. Of note is the fact that Xiaomi this year ousted Apple from fourth position in the China market, and the ranking now has Huawei retaining the top spot and Oppo and Vivo making up the Top Five.

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