Game 7 of the World Series 2017: Highlights of Astros Crushing Dodgers

Game 7 World Series Houston Astros

As the Astros celebrate their big World Series 2017 win against the Dodgers 5-1, here are the highlights from each inning.

Game 7 World Series Houston AstrosGeorge Springer led it off for the Astros, scoring in the first inning, the leadoff double giving him the extra-base hit he needed to get an extra-base hit in six consecutive World Series games. That was followed by Bregman stealing third base and Jose Altuve driving him in with a ground ball. Score 2-0, Astros. The Dodgers didn’t have much of a response, and the Astros managed to come out of the first holding their 2-0 lead.

The second inning starts off with Yu Darvish pitching better than he did in the first, but he still had trouble putting hitters away. A ground out to second drives in McCann, making it 3-0, Astros, bringing Springer to the plate again. This is where Springer takes a full count and unloads on the 3-2 pitch, taking the Astros to 5-0 and putting him in the same league as Reggie Jackson and Chase Utley for the most homes in a single World Series, with five. It also took him past Willie Stargell to nab the record for the most extra-base hits (eight) in a single World Series. This is also where Darvish makes his exit, making it his second (of two) World Series starts where he failed to complete his second inning.

The third inning saw Kershaw get the first two outs in just four pitches, bringing on Gurriel to a welcome of boos from the crowd. He struck out, giving the Dodgers their first 1-2-3 inning of Game 7. The third inning ended with the Dodgers having stranded seven baserunners in three innings, and the score remains 5-0

The fourth opened with Kershaw striking out McCann in three pitches. A wild pitch after Gonzalez singles on a grounder keeps the Astros from scoring a double play in the fourth.

The fifth saw strikeouts of both Springer and Bregman by Kershaw, and the Dodgers ended the fifth with another couple of baserunners stranded. Score still 5-0, Astros.

The Dodgers finally make it to the board on the sixth, making it look as if they almost have a chance at closing the gap. Unfortunately, it’s just the one run for the sixth. At the end, Astros lead 5-1.

Springer goes out on a nice sliding catch from Christ Taylor on the seventh, followed by a second out for Bregman. Altuve manages to steal second base, but the last run of Game 7 has already been scored, so he’s left stranded there.

The eighth sees Kenley Jansen, who came in on the seventh, being replaced by Alex Wood. Charlie Morton is back pitching for the Astros again, and gets Forsythe to fly out after getting Pederson to strike out. The Dodgers have three outs remaining at the end of the eight, but the score remains 5-1, Astros.

Morton led off the ninth, but he just stood there looking like he was waiting to strike out, which he did. What he really wanted to do was save his breath to pitch in the bottom of the ninth. Verlander is waiting for his first World Series win ever since the early disappointment in 2006 with the Tigers. Utley, the pinch-hitter, strikes out, and the Dodgers are down to their final two outs. The Dodgers’ last chance is now on Corey Seager’s shoulders, but at the first pitch, he grounds to Altuve in right field, who gets the throw to Gurriel to get the Astros their very first World Series championship.

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