10,000 Free iPhone X Cases – Free Giveaway by Casetify X, Ships Globally

iPhone X Snap Sand Dust case

To celebrate today’s shipping of the first batch of iPhone X and the release of its Casetify X subsidiary brand, tech accessories major Casetify is giving away 10,000 iPhone X cases for free. If you’re one of the first 200 lucky customers, even shipping fees are on the house!

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Casetify X is the company’s answer to strong consumer demand for robust iPhone cases with minimalist design, superior protection and affordable price tags. Starting at a wallet-friendly $25, Casetify X features a wide range of styles, from the Essential for basic scratch and scuff prevention to the DTLA with military-grade materials for superior impact protection.

iPhone X Snap Sand Dust case

The free iPhone X cases are from the Casetify X Snap Sand Dust collection, and feature a stunning but subtle design with a lightweight form and a non-slip matte finish that will have all eyes on you. Well, on your phone, actually.

iPhone X Snap Sand Dust case

Worried about fingerprints on your all-glass iPhone X? The Casetify X Snap Sand Dust case is the ideal solution: fingerprint-resistant, scratch-resistant and durable enough to keep your iPhone X the way it was meant to look – for a long time.

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Casetify, formerly known as Casetagram, is one of the world’s largest technology accessories companies and a pioneer in social design. Co-founded by CEO Wes Ng in Hong Kong in 2011, Casetify quickly made its mark in an extremely competitive market, standing out as one of the first companies that allowed people to express themselves with unique, custom-designed iPhone cases. The company has now diversified into other products like Apple Watch bands, iPad folio and covers, MacBook sleeves, Samsung phone cases and other gadgets.

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More recently, Casetify has signed on actress Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) as its Creative Director, and the result is a wide range of iPhone cases that are personal and trendy, yet highlight the core competencies that Casetify is famous for: protection, durability and affordability.