iPhone X Gets Hijacked before Day 1 of Shipping, 313 Phones Stolen from UPS Truck in SF

iPhone X stolen ups truck

Nearly $400,000 worth of iPhone X devices were stolen outside an Apple Store in San Francisco this Wednesday morning as three “husky” men in hoodies raided a UPS truck parked outside. 313 iPhone Xs totaling $370,000 were stolen between 11:15 and 11:30 am PT.

According to reports, the driver had parked and locked the truck right outside the Stonestown Galleria mall, after which he had gone into the nearby Macy’s to make a delivery.

SFPD Captain Rick Yick says that it appears it was planned, and that the three men knew what was in the truck and were tracking it. Apple and UPS are working with local law enforcement on the investigation.

The thieves are not likely to get away that easily considering the fact that each of the iPhone X units that were stolen carry their own unique identification number (IMEI) and can be tracked as soon as a SIM is inserted and the phone turned on. Every smartphone is required to have an IMEI number, and the tracking is done by the service provider once a SIM is inserted and the phone is switched on.

It’s not a big loss of Apple, of course, which expects to sell $84 billion worth of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus smartphones during the holiday quarter. Even the customers for whom these units were meant won’t face any delays getting their devices on time. But it’s bad PR for UPS, that’s for sure.

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