Choosing a Wi-Fi Range Extender for your Smart Home Devices this Holiday Season 2017

Wi-Fi range extender

With so many smart home gadgets around the house these days, your Wi-Fi needs can literally be all over the place. So, instead of investing in multiple connections, why not choose a high-quality Wi-Fi range extender, also known as a Wi-Fi amplifier? Here are some of the best range extenders from top electronics brands such as NetGear, Amped and D-Link.

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Ideal for large homes, the Amped TAP-EX3 gives you an amazing 12,000 additional square footage of coverage area. It has a touchscreen that’s used to setup the device, and it’s fast enough to handle all your streaming needs, even for multiple devices.

TAP-EX3 Wi-Fi range extender

It should help cover any Wi-Fi security cameras you have in the yard, as well as other Wi-Fi-dependent smart home gadgets you might have installed in and around your home. The average lot size for a single-family home sold in 2013 was 15,456 square feet, so with your existing router and the Amped TAP-EX3 Wi-Fi range extender, you’re pretty much covered. Literally.

Amped TAP-EX3 on Amazon


The NetGear Nighthawk X4 is essentially a Gaming router, but is perfect for streaming Ultra HD (4K) video content and can handle quite a few smart home devices. It is also a very good Wi-Fi range extender if you have multiple Wi-Fi users streaming on several devices at the same time since it uses quad-stream Wi-Fi architecture.

Perfect for homes with gamers and streamers, but ideal for multi-device smart homes that need more range than what your existing router can give you.

NetGear Nighthawk X4 on Amazon


The D-Link DAP-1650 is the Amazon Echo of the Wi-Fi range extender world, and one of the more affordable dual-band range extenders and access points. It offers WPA and WPA2 security and 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, and is easy to set up using the QRS mobile app. A simple push button can connect and disconnect it to your Wi-Fi.

D-Link Gigabit Range Extender (DAP-1650) on Amazon

These are three of the better Wi-Fi extenders out there. The NetGear router was specifically chosen for this list since it’s perfect for gaming, which is sometimes even more intense than streaming 4K video content.

There are a LOT of Wi-Fi range extenders and long-range routers out there, and it can often get confusing because of the different specs and features. The one you need is the one that serves you best, not necessarily the most expensive or powerful one. If you have a large home with lots of smart gadgets, then you need a powerful one. If you don’t stream high-resolution content all that much, then you probably just need to focus on the range extension capabilities and won’t need a second router at all, just a simple repeater, access point or range extender.

There are some great resources online where you can find the best modem routers for Comcast or any other service provider. A little patient searching can help you find the best one for your specific needs.

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Smart homes of today are typically chockfull of gadgets that need Wi-Fi to do their jobs. If you live in a large home, or you find that your Wi-Fi connection is choppy, or even if you simply want a better signal upstairs, a Wi-Fi range extender might just be the perfect addition to your growing family of digital home devices.

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