Pro Windows Data Recovery Software from Stellar Phoenix, October Edition

Windows Data Recovery

Data recovery is often an undervalued component of data security. Most individual users are not even aware of the many tools available for the purpose, only becoming curious once their own data is wiped out or they lose some important files. But data recovery is an extremely vital part of overall system health, and today we’ll talk about a powerful tool called Windows Data Recovery Professional from Stellar Phoenix, which has been updated to a new version as of October 2017.

How is Data Lost?

One of the most common data loss events is accidental deletion or formatting of a disk. Other causes are data corruption, disk damage, hardware or system malfunction, software corruption, viruses and malware and natural disasters.

What Types of Data Recovery and Tasks Can Stellar Phoenix Software Handle?

Applicable to a wide range of situations, the Windows Data Recovery Professional software from Stellar Phoenix is typically used for the following:

Full Drive Recovery

One of the typical things that a computer user might do is recover their whole drive. The Windows Data Recovery Professional software is effective and quick, and will recover all types of data, including media, documents, spreadsheets and more. The interface is simple and intuitive, and all you need is a few clicks to quickly scan and retrieve all of your lost files to a desired location.

Partition Recovery

In certain cases, an entire partition in a particular hard drive goes missing. It could have been accidentally deleted by you or corrupted by malware. That’s where the tool’s Deep Scan feature comes in handy. Using this feature, you’ll be able to spot the missing partition and quickly do a recovery without having to recover the entire drive, which can often lead to data duplication and subsequent high memory usage.

Recover Specific Files or Media

The Windows Data Recovery Pro from Stellar Phoenix has an advanced search function that lets you scan your drives for specific file types, such as images or music or videos.

It’s a great time saver, and I found that the process is much quicker when you know what you’ve lost and only want to recover that, without going through a full scan and waiting for the results before recovering what you lost.

Recover Your Email Files

One of the more useful features is the software’s ability to find email data files that you’ve either deleted from your system accidentally, or were lost to due various issues. The tool supports all the well-known email clients, such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes and so on. I find this particularly useful because I regularly purge my inbox, but occasionally need a particular conversation thread with a colleague or client. With this tool I no longer have to worry about not being able to find an important email that I want.

Preview Files Prior to Recovery

At times, you want to see what’s lost before you decide to spend time retrieving it. The file preview feature lets you take a look before you start the recovery process. You can turn off the preview if you need to, but I personally found it to be extremely useful. Previews are available in tree view, by file type and as a deleted list, so it’s got a lot of flexibility here.

windows data recovery tool

In addition to all these features, there’s also a system startup disk that you can use when your system fails to boot. Using the disk, you can access your crashed system and recover the files you need. The software also allows you to use a previously created disk image to recover files from a drive, partition or volume. You can also create an image of your hard disk, portable media devices, external hard drives and so on.

Finally, an advanced feature called Raw Recovery allows you to deep-dive into any storage media that is severely corrupted, and recover your valuable files. It’s very helpful when you find that an initial recovery attempt doesn’t yield the results you expect.

The Windows Data Recovery Professional software from Stellar Phoenix is easy to use even if you’re not tech-savvy, and the company even offers a free download that is 100% secure and has many of the essential features from the pro version.

The current version of the software is v7.0.0.3 and was released in October 2017. It is compatible with all desktop devices running Windows 10, 7, 8.1, 8 and XP.

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Disclosure: A licensed copy of the software was made available to 1redDrop by the company for the purpose of this review. We have no other relationship with the company monetary or otherwise.