With iPhone X now ready to ship, some Apple users may still be on the wall about the $999 starting price. But now that retailers are already gearing up for Black Friday sales, which sort of officially kicks off the shopping madness for 2017, there are a couple of ways in which you can get an iPhone X for much cheaper than Apple’s official price tag.

Unfortunately, carriers aren’t offering any price advantages for iPhone X this year, but you can definitely take advantage of their trade-in offers.

For example, T-Mobile started offering a $300 staggered rebate on iPhone X if you trade in a “recent vintage used iPhone.” The credit is paid out over a 24-month period of the contract.

Verizon is matching T-Mobile’s offer, but they’ve extended it to any recent model smartphone, not just iPhone. You’ll have to sign up for their new Unlimited plan to get this offer. Verizon also offers $200 and $100 cash back offers, depending on the make and model of your old phone, and the credits are paid over a 24-month period.

Another way to get an indirect discount – without having to give up your old phone – is Sam’s Club. Their Black Friday deal was leaked a couple of days ago, and they’re offering a $250 gift card for iPhone X purchases. If you’re already a member and spend more than $250 a month there, it’s worth looking at this offer. We’ve also heard that Sam’s Club will waive your activation fee.

Target is also offering a similar deal, so if you’re not a Sam’s Club member you should look at this one for iPhone X.

Those are the deals currently or soon to be available for iPhone X. If you’re keen on one, these may be your only options of paying less than what the phone costs.

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