Policy Move on YouTube Kids Hopes to Kill Inappropriate Child-targeted Content

YouTube Kids

What’s it About?

YouTube says it is putting in place a new process to age-restrict inappropriate videos targeting children. Content flagged in YouTube Kids will be flagged in the main YouTube app.

Why it’s Important

  • YouTube Kids has over 30 billion views since its 2015 launch. The app has been downloaded tens of millions of times.

  • Learning videos, according to one YouTube executive, generate approximately 800,000,000 views every day around the world

  • Where the traffic is, unwanted players abound.

  • They target unsuspecting kids whose parents often tend to take the safety of the YouTube Kids environment for granted.

The Details

  • YouTube announced in August 2017 that videos that “made inappropriate use of family friendly characters” would no longer be allowed monetization options.

  • Today’s step is the next move in policing Google’s new YouTube product.

  • Google will train YouTube moderation teams on the new policy to help reduce content violations on YouTube Kids.

  • Such content will now be age-restricted on the main YouTube app once reviewed and flagged on YouTube Kids.