Tech Jobs that Pay Nearly $100,000 at Entry Level

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The technology industry has abundant opportunities for young graduates when they’re first starting out, but these tech jobs in particular will put thousands of dollars every month into your pocket right out of college. All salaries mentioned are median figures for the respective roles.

DevOps Engineer

The folks in these types of tech jobs typically manage software deployments and automated systems using a wide range of technologies and tools. Starting salary for one of these babies can go upwards of $90,000 per year. Not a bad start for a newbie to the workforce.

Sales Engineer

If you have engineering knowledge and the ability to sell, there may be a $93,000 a year job waiting for you. The job entails selling high-end software applications and technology products and services to other companies.

Mobile Developer

With the smartphone industry having grown manifold over the last ten years, mobile app development has naturally risen to the top of the software development industry. Mobile developers can expect a starting pay of around $98,000 a year. Interestingly, the pay range for an Android developer is higher than that of an iOS developer.


Software development is not just for mobiles. Web and desktop applications are a massive market, and new entrants to these positions can expect to start their careers at around $96,000 a year.

Product Manager

Though not strictly an entry-level position, the Product Manager role is often a stepping stone to a very lucrative management career in technology. Salaries for the job typically come in at about $105,000 a year.

Data Scientist

The average starting salary for these miners and analyzers of the world’s data is about $110,850. These folks use computers and software to analyze billions of data points to identify key trends that can benefit their employers and customers.

The data above is taken from, and here’s an infographic from Entrepreneur showing even more data about tech job salaries in the United States.

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