The Story:

Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore, currently embroiled in bitter controversy surrounding allegations of a sexual nature, may face a close race against Democrat Doug Jones, according to the first wave of flash polls conducted after the Washington Post report Thursday.

Important Because:

The GOP now controls the presidency, the Senate and the House.

The last time they had such wide control over executive and legislative branches of the government was 1929.

With no major legislative win since Trump took the oath in January, Republicans are already on the back foot despite the majority.

The Alabama special election is a key event. If Moore loses to Jones, it would bring their majority down to 51-49.

If that happens, it’s going to be extremely difficult for any major piece of legislation from party members to pass in the near future.

This Happened:

The KMC Analytics survey that started late September showed an 8-point lead for Moore.

Since then, there have been accusations of improper conduct relating to teenage girls when Moore was in his 30s serving as District Attorney.

That 8-point lead has since been worn down. What was considered a safe seat now faces uncertainty.


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