Every individual yearns to learn the English language from a skilled person. People have divided opinions when it comes to choosing between non-native and native English speakers. While some say that the latter are better teachers, others beg to differ. It is important though to note that being a native speaker does not make one a better teacher. Students can get good results whether native English speakers teach them or not. There are numerous factors that make one a great teacher. Being passionate is one of the factors that determine the kind of a teacher one becomes. Additionally, an English teacher should be sufficiently patient to ensure that they nurture their students towards success.

Nowadays, the English language is not just the preserve of certain countries. It has been transformed into a global language by various factors such as business and career interactions. This had led to language evolution the world over. There are numerous non native English speakers who speak it better than native speakers. In addition, different countries that have English as their national language have different language rules. Therefore, it cannot be said that there are any set rules for speaking or learning English. This confirms the fact that learning English depends on numerous factors.

Many individuals are of the opinion that communicating with natives accelerates the manner in which one grasps the language. What such individuals forget is that comprehending English takes hard work, passion, and determination. Without these, one may have little chance of grasping the language, regardless of whether they get assistance from a native or not. There are numerous good English teachers both online and in traditional classes.

Anyone can learn English conveniently and with ease, if only they put their minds on it. In addition, individuals who seek to learn English can improve their reading, writing and pronunciation skills by carrying out extensive research. Technological evolvement has transformed the way students learn. There are many tutorials and videos that can provide the necessary guidance. A student should also possess good listening skills to be able to hear, analyze and understand their online lessons or research.

Many non-native speakers feel intimidated by native speakers. As much as they may seek their assistance, chances are they will be afraid of talking lest they make mistakes. This lowers their confidence and renders their efforts to learn fruitlessly. Many individuals find it easier to learn from their fellow non-natives. This is because they understand the struggles they may be undergoing with the language.


Individuals should identify other methods to help them learn and comprehend English better. These include reading, tackling quizzes, having discussions among fellow students, and listening to podcasts. These methods are critical in developing an individual’s confidence towards English, and in improving their writing, speaking, use of vocabulary, and pronunciation skills. But most of all, it is important to change the notion that only native English speakers can help one learn English the right way. Without that, one may never properly learn the language.