The Story:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is apparently mulling over appointing a second special counsel to initiate an investigation into issues related to former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former FBI Director James Comey and the entire Obama administration. The issues concern possible Russian ties during the 2016 presidential election, but are also specific to the 2010 Uranium One deal.

Why now?

Sessions has been repeatedly called a “weak” attorney general by Trump, and has pushed him to investigate the Democrats and Clinton even as the FBI investigates Trump’s campaign on the Russia meddling issue.

According to Politifact, Trump said at a campaign rally in Panama City that he will appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.

Source: Politifact

This happened:

Mr. Sessions, who heads the Justice Department, will appear at the House Judiciary Committee for an oversight hearing at 10 am.

After House Judiciary Committee chairman Robert Goodlatte asked Mr. Sessions in July and then again in September to appoint a second special counsel in order to dig into “matters which may be outside the scope” of Mr. Mueller’s investigations into Russian interference, Mr. Sessions is believed to be contemplating such a move.

Mr. Goodlatte has urged that, not only should the FBI’s handling of Clinton’s email controversy be investigated, but a second special counsel should be appointed to investigate other matters, such as dealings of the Clinton Foundation, and specifically the 2010 Uranium One deal that was approved during the Obama administration.



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