Three detained UCLA players leave China after Trump intervenes with Xi

The Story:

After U.S. President Donald Trump saying that he had sought the Chinese President’s help in the matter, the three UCLA basketball players who were detained by Chinese authorities on suspicion of shoplifting finally headed back to the U.S. on Tuesday.

What Trump Did:

During a state dinner with Xi in Beijing earlier this month Trump had, in fact, raised the issue. During a subsequent meeting with reporters in Manila, Trump said what the players did was “unfortunate”, that Xi’s response was “terrific” and that “they’re working on it right now.”

This Happened:

  • The UCLA team was in China for a game against Georgia Tech on Saturday in Shanghai, which it won 63-60.

  • Earlier that same week both teams were taken on a tour of game sponsor Alibaba’s headquarters.

  • Three players from the UCLA team were detained in Hangzhou on suspicions of shoplifting, and were not on the team’s flight back to the U.S. on Saturday.



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