Xbox One game gifting goes live on Microsoft Store

The Story:

Microsoft has rolled out a feature that’s been on the wishlist for a long time – Xbox One gifting for games, DLC and subscriptions. After a period of testing, the gifting feature is now live on the Microsoft Store via Xbox One consoles and PCs.

Important Because:

Xbox One fans have been asking for this gifting feature for quite some time. One post on the company’s feedback site garnered nearly 5,000 votes over a three-year period.

Valve has been offering Steam Gifts for quite a while, but Microsoft’s key rival in gaming, Sony, still doesn’t have such a feature for the PlayStation platform.

The Details:

Gifts can be purchased on the Microsoft Store.

Purchased gifts do not have any geo restrictions.

Users can only purchase new items for gifting. Digitally transferring existing games is still not enabled.

Obviously meant for the generous at heart, purchases can include DLC, digital games and subscriptions to Xbox Live Gold or an Xbox Game Pass.

Several other features are in the pipeline, among which are a new avatar system that’s coming early 2018.


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