NFL Vs Jerry Jones: Letter to Jones’ attorney may have set stage for ouster

The Story:

The ongoing fight between the NFL and Jerry Jones has come to a head. A letter to Jones’ attorney from the NFL on Wednesday potentially digs a grave for Jones’ ownership of the Dallas Cowboys for allegedly sabotaging commissioner Goodell’s contract extension, reports WSJ.

What’s going on?

Jones’ repeated attempts at blocking Goodell’s extension has put him at loggerheads with the NFL’s compensation committee. At one point Jones even threatened to file a lawsuit, which could be his undoing in the end.

Jones claims that the committee has been misleading in regards to the contract negotiation process for the extension.

The threat to sue came a little over a week ago, and Jones was stripped of his role in the committee following that incident.

Now, the NFL is reportedly calling his behavior “detrimental to the league’s best interests,” per the letter to his attorney.

Even though it is not explicit, the wording of the NFL letter could set the stage for Jones’ ouster from the league, as discussed by some owners, reports the Journal.



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