Amazon seller loses $400,000 and half his employees after “virus of Amazon” rival attack

Pure Daily Care had the top-selling facial steamer on Amazon, but the $10-million-a-year-revenue-generating third-party seller, going under the storefront name of Beauty Imports, has lost nearly $400,000 and half their 12-member team.

Entrepreneur David Damavandi, who heads operations, says that a rival called Krasr virtually destroyed his business, getting his seller account suspended on Amazon for several weeks, leading to lost revenues of nearly half a million dollars and forcing Damavandi to let go of half his employees.

The rival, who called themselves the “virus of Amazon”, spoofed Damavandi’s email ID and went on a rampage that led to a massive flood of negative reviews that eventually caused Amazon to pull the plug on Pure Daily Care.

Damavandi’s Amazon account has been reinstated as of November 8, but the damage to his storefront’s image is irreversible. However, as of Friday, Pure Daily Care has regained its #1 Best-Selling position.

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