Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium Fully Functional, Shutter-style retractable roof and all

The Short:

The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta is finally up, retractable roof and all. At a cost of $1.6 billion and several delays because of the complexity of the roof mechanism, Atlanta United and the NFL’s Falcons now have a new home.

The Long:

In addition to the camera shutter-like roof, the stadium’s designers have thoughtfully included a giant falcon sculpture made of steel at the one of the main entrances, and it sports a massive 70-foot wingspan. The sports stadium also has a 1100-foot video display, a “halo board”.

The new 71,000-seater for Falcons games is already setting records, having sold more than 70,000 tickets to a couple of home games for Atlanta United, the city’s massively popular soccer team.

The original launch was in August, for the pre-season Falcons-Cardinals game. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium will now host the College Football Playoff championship game for this season, the 2019 Super Bowl and the 2020 Final Four.

Watch this amazing time-lapse video of the stadium rising from the ground:

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