Shoot more elephants to help save elephants? Even Trump says “Hold”

Earlier this week U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials said that the elephant trophy import ban would be lifted under a new policy, but President Trump has now called a halt to any change.

The conservation watchdog’s seemingly twisted stand on the matter is that letting rich game hunters kill African elephants – still on the endangered list, by the way – would help raise funds for more conservation programs.

Naturally, naturalists and conservationists from everywhere have denounced the decision. Thankfully, President Trump now wants to review “all conservation facts” before pushing a new policy through.

While the argument that conservation hunts can help the population of a species does hold some water, it has to be conducted as part of a very carefully regulated program.

The problem is, Zimbabwe, one of the countries from where the imports would be allowed under the new policy, is rife with corruption, and poaching continues to be a problem there.

The question is, how would you regulate such an environment and make sure that such a U.S. policy doesn’t blow up in your face?

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