YouTube Bans “ToyFreaks”, cites tighter control over child endangerment

If you’re a follower of ToyFreaks, you’ll know that the gross-out channel on YouTube is no longer live. The account has been “terminated for violating YouTube’s Video Guidelines.”

Google is tightening its YouTube and YouTube Kids policies around age-appropriate content, even announcing recently that content exploiting the platform to target kids on YouTube Kids would be flagged, and then marked as age-restricted on the main YouTube platform.

In this case, it apparently called for terminating the account altogether after several viewers objected to the content on the channel.

The ToyFreaks account removal is one of the more noticeable ones because, surprisingly, it has over 8.5 million subscribers and is the 68th largest channel on YouTube. Videos posted to the channel show a dad and his two young girls doing crazy antics, some of which YouTube Kids believes is in violation of its child endangerment policies.

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