Impeachment imminent as Mugabe defies calls to step down as President of Zimbabwe

Calls for President Robert Mugabe to step down as Zimbabwe’s president were met with defiance from the 93-year-old statesman on Sunday. Mugabe said that he was going to preside over a ZANU-PF party meeting in December, a move that could lead to impeachment proceedings being initiated this week.

In a televised broadcast, he spoke of “a whole range of concerns” of the Zimbabwean people, but did not announce what many had hoped he would – that he would resign from office.

The president has been given a deadline of Monday noon to resign; if not, impeachment proceedings would begin. He was seen shaking hands with the commanders of security forces just before his speech to the nation.

Once a powerful man, Mugabe is now left with no support on which to rest his claim to continue the presidency.

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