Sutherland Springs mass shooting investigators delay unlocking perpetrator’s iPhone SE

Despite issuing a warrant dated November 9 for technical assistance from Apple to unlock the Sutherland Springs mass shooting perpetrator’s iPhone SE two days after the press conference noting the retrieval of the phone, Apple says that authorities have yet to approach it for the requested assistance.

Texas Rangers investigating the shooting served Apple with the warrant to help retrieve any data from Kelley’s iPhone and possibly his iCloud account that could help the case.

Unlike in the San Bernardino case in 2015, this time Apple offered to cooperate with authorities shortly after the press conference, but nobody has reached out to Apple regarding the matter since the warrant was issued.

Technically speaking, even the dead Sutherland Springs shooter’s fingers could have been used to get pass the TouchID security layer on the device. Obviously, that window has closed, but Apple’s offer to help unlock the device and retrieve data from iCloud may still hold good.

All that remains is for officials to actually get in touch with Apple and take its help.

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