Google G Suite apps get iPhone X compatibility, drag-and-drop for iPad

The Short:

Google’s productivity apps, known as G Suite, have received a new update that makes Docs, Sheets and Slides more compatible with iPhone X. The update also now allows content drag-and-drop on iPad.

The Long:

On iPhone X, these apps now stretch out to utilize the entire screen. It’s a minor update but exploits the larger screen size on the new iPhone.

The iPad update is extremely useful, though, and it’s work in progress for Apple’s plan to bring more productivity features into iOS. iOS 11 already allows drag-and-drop, but Google’s products have been a bit behind the curve.

On iPad, you can now use the multi-app split screen view to drag content into Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. It works well with images and links, but MacStories says that text on Google Docs often defaults to plain text, so the formatting of the original text isn’t always preserved.

Still, it makes it a lot easier to prepare presentations, spreadsheets and documents and share them on Google Drive from your iPad.

The iPhone X feature update for Google’s cloud products gives you a larger view so you don’t have to scrunch up your eyes when you pinch in a document or spreadsheet.

Overall, the updates make for better ease-of-use of Google cloud apps on iPhone X and iPad.

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