An anonymous source for Reuters has said that a U.S. federal investigator subpoenaed German financial giant Deutsche Bank for information on accounts held by President Donald Trump in connection with special counsel Robert Mueller’s ongoing investigations into Russian meddling in last year’s election.

According to one of Trump’s personal lawyers, Jay Sekulow, Deutsche Bank has not received such a subpoena as part of Mueller’s probe.

The source also revealed that the subpoena was issued several weeks ago and that, in the meantime, key documents were handed over to Mueller’s team.

On Tuesday, Deutsche Bank issued a statement that it takes “its legal obligations seriously and remains committed to cooperating with authorized investigations into this matter.”

Sekulow, however, said in a statement:

“We have confirmed that the news reports that the Special Counsel had subpoenaed financial records relating to the president are false. No subpoena has been issued or received. We have confirmed this with the bank and other sources.”

Another sources close to Deutsche Bank said that the financial organization did run checks on the President’s financial dealings with Russia.

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