Google to Pull YouTube from Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV

It is not just countries that fight with each other, cutting down diplomating relations and closing down embassies as a sign of protest.

Tech firms have their own way of engaging in a fight.

Google has decided to pull out YouTube from all Amazon devices.

A tit-for-tat move, as Amazon refuses to sell many of Google’s products that compete with its own products on its retail website.

Amazon does not sell the Google Home smart speaker or its streaming device, Chromecast, because they directly compete with Amazon’s own products, Amazon Echo and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Google certainly took its time, but has clearly had enough and has made the decision to pull YouTube – the largest public video platform in the world – from being accessed on Amazon’s hardware devices such as Echo Show and Fire TV.

This may push both the companies towards the negotiating table, but don’t expect a quick resolution because, if there were a middle ground, they both would already be there.

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