According to a Channel NewsAsia report, Singapore Airlines has rerouted some of its flights in response to missile tests conducted by North Korea.

The airline said that, following the July 27 missile launch into the Sea of Japan by Pyongyang, its Seoul to Los Angeles flight routes have been altered.

Last Wednesday, a series of ballistic missiles that the North Korea regime claimed to be able to reach the US mainland were launched in defiance of stern warnings and global sanctions. They crashed into the sea near Japan.

Cathay Pacific said the crew of a flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong reported seeing what they thought was the missile re-entering Earth’s atmosphere on November 29.

Korean Air said the pilots on two of its flights bound for Seoul “saw a flash and everyone is assuming it should be the missile because of the timing.”

Responding to queries from Channel NewsAsia on the safety precautions it was taking, Singapore Airlines said that its planes were not affected as it had already taken steps in July to reroute flight paths.

“Singapore Airlines is aware of the reports on the sighting of the North Korean missiles and is closely monitoring the situation,” a spokesperson told Channel NewsAsia.

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