Earlier this year self-driving car technology company nuTonomy and Lyft announced a partnership focused on bringing nuTonomy vehicles to the ride-hailing major’s network in Boston.

Now, the two companies have announced that they will launch a self-driving car pilot program in Boston.

In the course of the pilot program, select Boston passengers in the Seaport area will be matched with nuTonomy self-driving vehicles when they request rides through the Lyft app.

According to nuTonomy, their primary objective is to give the public a real experience of what it’s like to ride in a driverless vehicle, thereby letting users appreciate the effect this new technology has in their daily life.

The second objective is to get feedback from initial testers so nuTonomy can continue to improve the experience and make it safer, more comfortable and more efficient.

Uber and Lyft are racing against each other to get a head start in the autonomous driving technology space.

Though Uber may already be miles ahead with its testing, Lyft, which is backed by GM and Land Rover, is picking up some speed in its own pursuit of self-driving automobile tech.

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