Wal-Mart, the number one retailer in the world, has decided to drop “Stores” from its name and drop the hyphen as well.

The retail giant announced Wednesday that it will shorten its legal name to Walmart Inc. from Wal-Mart Stores Inc., indicating its refreshed growth strategy and market positioning.

It is not unusual to see companies change their names.

The best ones in recent memory are Steve Jobs dropping “Computer” from Apple Computer Inc, to make it Apple Inc., and Research in Motion deciding to call itself Blackberry.

In his blog post, Walmart CEO Doug McMillan wrote: Whether it’s in our stores, on our sites, with our apps, by using their voice or whatever comes next, there is just one Walmart as far as our customers are concerned.”

The decision to drop “stores” from its name dovetails nicely with Walmart’s strategy to be a retailer that can connect both offline as well online shopping into one seamless experience.

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