Fantastic claims about North Korea leaders may be as old as the dictatorship itself, but the country’s state-run media still finds ways to play sycophant. This time, Kim Jong Un apparently has the power to control the weather.

After his recent climb up Mount Paektu, state media claimed that “fine weather unprecedented” that graced the occasion came from the mind of theĀ “peerlessly illustrious commander.”

A break in the typically harsh weather on the mountain is being portrayed as the work of Kim Jong Un.

We know he claims to have learned to drive at the age of three, and his father’s birth was greeted with a double rainbow, also on Mount Paektu. But this time it’s well beyond the point of being incredible and well into “Spaceballs” territory of the ludicrous.

The North Korean people will simply grin and bear this claim like they always do, their pained eyes poorly hidden by plastic smiles.

Don’t take this with a pinch of salt. You’ll need a mountain of it reaching at least 9002 feet to believe Kim’s claim to Paektu fame that rivals his own father’s double-rainbow story.

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