Three arrested after anti-Semitic attack on Swedish synagogue

Firebombs were hurled into a synagogue in Sweden earlier today, marking the second such anti-Semitic attack in as many days in the Nordic country.

An eye witness reported that several youths in masks had perpetrated the attack, throwing what appeared to him to be firebombs into the garden surrounding the building, but there was no damage to the synagogue itself.

Jewish groups have naturally called for severe action against the suspected perpetrators, three of whom have been arrested, according to reports.

The Sunday incident is being treated as attempted arson, and has been condemned by Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven.

The attack happened two days after a rally on Friday where about 200 people in Malmo waved Palestinian flags and shouted anti-Jewish slogans in protest of President Trump declaring the Unites States’ recognition of Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel.

Local authorities have stepped up protection around Jewish centers and synagogues in Malmo and Stockholm.

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