Trulia Design Panel announces 2018 interior design predictions

Interior design is never about the past or even the present; it’s about the future. This year, the Trulia Design Panel comprising a professional organizer and three interior design professionals have made their interior design predictions for 2018. Let’s see what they are:

Exposed Lighting

Interior designer Hannah Crowell of Crowell & Co. says: “I am a lover of all things vintage and appreciate a nod to the past, but it just became too overly saturated.”

That means bare bulbs or going with modern shades. Leave out shades altogether and you can go truly retro – like broom closet retro!

Bohemian Tapestry

Bohemian curtains and tapestry were all the rage once upon a time, but the panel thinks they’re going into hibernation in 2018.

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Bamboo Flooring

Decorator Jay Britto of Britto Charette says bamboo flooring is “out, out, out,” citing the fact that they’re not as sustainable as once thought, and not all that durable.

Bamboo does yield a great deal to wear and tear, so unless you like a stressed look earlier than you’d planned, do away with them. Hardwood is classic, as are more modern options like parquet, which was one of the top flooring trends in 2017.

DIY Projects

Pro organizer Layne Brookshire of Ms. Placed says: “Repurposing items like egg cartons and toilet paper rolls makes your space look junky.”

What, I can’t use my leftover TP rolls to do something cool? Aw, shucks.

So, there are your ideas for interior design in 2018. You can go with the flow or make your own choices, but there’s a reason trends get to be trends.

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