New $5000 iMac Pro available online with Apple and select retailers like B&H

Earlier today Apple released the “most powerful Mac ever”, also known as the iMac Pro. Starting at a hefty $4,999, it goes all the way up to $13,199 for the top-end variant.

The new iMac Pro is now available from Apple online, as well as through several retailers, including B&H, MacMall and Expercom.

The desktop is RAM upgradable, although it was earlier believed that this would not be an option.

However, no matter where you’re buying it to save money (B&H and Expercom are offering sales-tax-free prices), you’ll still need to take to to an Apple store to do the upgrade without voiding the warranty.

The iMac Pro will be shipped out later this month, with the first orders expected to be received by customers on December 27. A little late for Christmas but still within a reasonable window considering how pricy it is.

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