Apparently defeated, Amazon to start selling Chromecast and Apple TV again

Amazon has officially made a decision to once again start selling Apple TV and Chromecast devices on its site after a two-year period of muscle and tussle. The information was first given to CNET and later confirmed to The Verge.

In 2015, Amazon removed both product lines from its catalogues, their official reason being it would confuse customers who wanted direct access to Amazon Prime Video.

Their position softened a little when, earlier this year, the company announced a Prime Video app for Apple TV.

But the story with Google is a lot more intriguing. For one, Chromecast still can’t access content from Prime Video because Amazon still doesn’t support Google Cast, the tech behind Chromecast.

Then there’s the matter of the e-comm giant not selling any of Google’s products, as well as some from Google’s Nest.

To worsen things, Amazon did something really strange. If you ask Alexa on your Echo device to order a Chromecast, it puts a Fire TV stick in your shopping cart instead.

Matters soon came to an impasse when Google recently pulled YouTube from the Echo Show, the smart speaker with screen. It also plans to pull YouTube from Fire TV starting Jan 1, 2018.

Amazon now says that Google is “selectively blocking customer access to an open website.” Possibly to appease Apple and bring Google to the negotiating table, the e-tailer is finally going to list their respective products again.

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