Refresh your iPhone Battery with Apple for just $29

Apple made one of its biggest confessions recently, apologizing to device owners that their iPhone battery might be the cause of slowdown and shutdown issues.

The problem started all the way back in iPhone 6, and Apple has finally admitted that it made a mistake in its assembly process.

In short, the problem was that the batteries used in several models of iPhone were “chemically aged”, meaning they were less efficient than they should have been. Owners of iPhone 6 and later have reported several battery-related issues that could be tied to Apple’s recent admission of guilt.

Now, for a limited time, Apple is cutting the cost of an iPhone battery replacement from $79 down to $29. The deal is available for a whole year, until December 2018.

The really sweet part of the deal is that Apple has instructed its store employees to ignore the “80% rule”, which states that discounted replacements are only valid if the battery is below the 80% threshold when tested at the store.

That means even if your battery is in great shape, you can get a new one put in for just $29.

The offer is presumably meant to appease angry iPhone owners who objected to the company throttling device performance in cases where the batteries were sub-optimal.

Apple’s public apology on December 29, 2017, was the culmination of complaints dating as far back as the year iPhone 6 was released – that’s in 2014. It took three years for Apple to finally do something about the problem. But, hey, better late than never, right?

All you need to do is walk into an Apple Store, have your iPhone checked over, and get the battery quickly replaced while you wait.

So, through December 2018, if you have an iPhone 6 or higher, you can get a cheap iPhone battery replacement directly from Apple. That means it’ll go for another 500 charge cycles before it has to be replaced again.

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