After joint talks between government officials of North and South Korea, northern leader Kim Jong Un made an official call for unification with its southern counterpart. Here are the important points of the development:

  • Kim Jong Un said in his New Year’s Day address that he wanted to open dialogue with his southern neighbor.

  • On Wednesday, North Korea called for a unification of the peninsula, which has been divided since WWII.

  • Unification efforts to include contact and travel cooperation.

  • North Korea will send a delegation to next month’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

  • Kim Jong Un has called for a de-escalation of military tension in the region, adding that Pyongyang will “smash” anyone opposed to unification efforts.

  • Though the signal was clearly for the United States, Trump has taken credit for the development, citing additional sanctions against North Korea as being the reason for the sudden decision.

  • However, North Korea is yet to open dialogue with the United States on matters relating to the Korean peninsula.


  1. Does that mean Kim Jong Un is resigning? Because a call for “reunification” under his leadership is a self serving joke and an insult to the intelligence of any South Korean or rational human being


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