5 Tips and Tricks for the Traveling Entrepreneur

Are you finding yourself getting stressed when you need to travel for work? It takes strategy and careful preparation to ensure that every minute of a work trip is used efficiently. To help you plan your next trip, check out the tips below.

    1. Be sure to take care of your health – traveling to a place you’ve never been to, whether it is in a different city, state or country, can be enjoyable. But it can also be very physically taxing, so make sure that you make your health a priority when traveling for work. Bring with you some supplements that you can take in order to boost your immune system. If you are traveling to an exotic country, research on whether or not you may need to have some form of vaccine in case there are some diseases that may be endemic in the area.

    2. Delegate as many tasks as you can while you are away –  if you are aware in advance of the days that you will be out of the office, make sure that you’ve already thought of what tasks you will delegate to other people during the time you are gone.  You don’t have to delegate everything if you feel that you can still multitask and give some attention to your work while going on a trip. But if some tasks are urgent, let others do it but always make sure that you leave clear and specific instructions so that they will be able to do exactly what needs to be done.

    3. Create a to-do list of your trip – you want to make sure that every part of your trip is maximized, so it would be wise to create an everyday to-do list of all the tasks that you think needs to be accomplished during the duration of your trip. Anticipate also what could be the problems so that you can be prepared for any mishap. If things don’t go according to plan, such as an appointment with a client has been canceled or moved due to unavoidable circumstances, you can just go to the next item on your to-do list so that your time will not be wasted.

    4. Bring necessary equipment with you  – if you are going to a different country, make sure to research the electrical outlets they use. While some are the typical ones you may also have in your home or office, others may be different and you may need to purchase an adapter so that you can charge your electrical equipment. If your work meetings do not always take place at hotels or offices, you may want to consider bringing a portable desk with you. Aside from being sturdy and very durable, they are also easy to install and can be attached to any surface, you can even work while inside the bathroom if you want!

   5. Don’t forget to enjoy some downtime – though your primary purpose for the trip may be for work, don’t forget to enjoy your trip too. Whether it’s getting to sample a local delicacy, or taking a few extra minutes to watch a spectacular sunset, allow yourself some downtime to relax on your trip.

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