Find Any Long-lost File with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

We’ve done quite a few software reviews on 1redDrop, and one of the things we’ve noticed in the past year is the increase in demand for intuitive data recovery software for Mac computers. It’s not that there aren’t several great products out there, but only a few offer the seamless and stress-free experience that consumers are looking for. EaseUS data recovery wizard for Mac hits the nail on the head when it comes to what non-technical consumers really want in a data recovery tool. So we dug in to see if the software was really what it claims to be.

The first thing we check is ease of installation. EaseUS for Mac installed easily and was up and running in a manner of minutes, awaiting my command to scan my drives. To get the product, you can either download the paid versions straight away (both PRO and Bootable Media options offer a free trial period) or use the free version to test drive the software.

Once you’re ready to scan, just select the drive you lost your files from and hit the scan button. If you have any external memory devices you can connect them before running Mac data recovery. The software can find and recover lost files from memory cards, pen drives and external hard drives so no matter what storage device you have, EaseUS can help recover your lost data.

A word of caution: the scanning process is extremely thorough so it took a few hours to do on my MacBook Pro (I’ve got tons of videos, high-resolution images, .wav audio and other heavy files) so I’d suggest that you only run the scan when you’re not using the system, otherwise you may experience periodic slowdowns. It could just be because my laptop’s nearly 3 years old now and there’s a ton of junk in here, but keep that in mind. If you’ve lost files from a specific location, just choose the appropriate options on the home page to speed up the scanning process.

Once the scanning is done, you can view the files either by “Path” or by “Type”. You can also do this while scanning; the software shows you which parts of your drive have already been scanned as it progresses.

The next step is to find the files you lost and recover them. You can easily preview files in case you can’t tell from the name. This feature is especially useful for when you haven’t properly named your videos or image files.

What’s really neat about EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac is the deep scan. Practically any file that’s been accidentally deleted, corrupted or simply lost in cyber-junk can be spotted and recovered. The best part is that you can save your scan status and then import it later so it doesn’t take as much time. That’s a great time-saver.

With the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard software installed on your Mac, you’ll never have to worry about missing files again.