Spring is the time to clean out those attics, beat those carpets and prepare your home for a new season ahead. And it shouldn’t be any different for that iPhone or iPad of yours that’s been gathering its share of cyber-junk over the past year. Here’s a great downloadable software utility to help you do that, one that’s trusted by millions of users around the world: AnyTrans for iOS.


AnyTrans from iMobie is one of the most reliable iOS software utilities you can find on the web. For you, it means freedom from worry when you’re doing backups. The biggest problem doing spring cleaning on iPhones is the risk of losing valuable data. With AnyTrans for iOS, you won’t have that worry.

Why AnyTrans?

We’ve already talked about reliability, but there are several other factors that make AnyTrans for iOS the go-to software for managing your iOS data and files.

The first of these is the ability to automatically back up all your iPhone and iPad data in a 100% secure and private environment. User and data security are of the utmost importance to iMobie, which is how the company has built a stellar reputation over the years.

The second is the option of selectively backing up your data to a permanent location for safe-keeping. Choose just what you need, back it up, and then delete whatever you don’t want from your device so it frees up valuable space that you will inevitably need.

The third advantage is visibility and access. You have full view of all backup details, and you can even extract important files in a matter of seconds whenever you need them.

Another major benefit of using AnyTrans for iOS is that it removes all sync boundaries, thereby giving you full-way transfer capabilities across your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and your computer.

The best part about AnyTrans is that it puts control of your data back into your hands. Choose what device you want your backups to live on, and delete your files from all other locations. As long as your machine has enough memory, you’ll never need to depend on iTunes or iCloud for storing your valuable data.

Whether it’s your music collection, your array of videos or the thousands of photos that have captured your life’s most precious moments, AnyTrans makes it super-simple to upload, modify, delete and manage all of your data with just a few clicks.

To learn more about AnyTrans for iOS, please visit the product page here.

To download the latest free release for iOS or Android, click this link.