Guide To Increasing Sales Productivity

As tempting as it may be for your business to say that its products or services “sell themselves,” the truth is that you owe the success of your business in large part to the talented and qualified salespeople you have on staff. An effective sales team is one of the most important elements any business can have, and building one should be at the top of any business’s priorities. Even if you believe you have the best and the brightest sales team in your industry, it’s important to remember that there always are improvements that can be made.

For example, no matter how experienced and capable your salespeople are, it’s a good idea to invest in continuous development and training initiatives. Even the most effective salespeople can slip into bad habits or start to cut corners unless their employers guide them, and take the time and effort to periodically reinforce the company’s values and practices. These occasional reminders can help re-energize a sales team and renew its focus on the company’s goals and mission. The result can be a more effective sales team that remains focused serving your customers and delivering the best possible results.

Providing your sales team with greater access to technology is another way in which you can boost its productivity. For instance, automated software that handles most administrative tasks can free your salespeople to focus on what they do best — serving customers and driving greater sales results for your company. Even the most productive sales team can benefit from the addition of technology in many instances.

Practically every sales team could use a few improvements here and there. The following guide contains some ideas about how you can help your salespeople achieve more. Your salespeople are the engine that drives your business, so be sure to give your sales organization a tune up every now and then.

Author bio: Chris DiEllo is Global Sales Director for Configure One. DiEllo graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a degree in mechanical engineering and prior to Configure One, spent time as an engineering manager for a plastics manufacturing company.

Provided by Configure One