Google Maps now gets Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the best virtual helpers on the market. First introduced back in 2016, Google Assistant quickly became the top choice for personal helpers. The Assistant has received a wide welcome from users thanks to its ability to handle more tasks. Google has been adding new features to its own virtual helper on a semi-regular basis to offer much-improved UI.

At this year’s Google I/O event, the biggest search engine on Earth unveiled a number of exciting features for its own personal helper. Google claims that the Assistant will come to its mapping service, Google Maps, making your navigation much easier.

Google’s move aims to integrate its virtual helper into all devices and apps. The Assistant was initially debuted for Pixel phones, and Google is still expanding support for Assistant to more devices. Google took a big step to achieve that goal when it officially integrated its virtual helper into Android 7.0 update.

At the event, Google showed what the Assistant can do in Google Maps. With Google Assistant integration, you can quickly get your transit updates and traffic details using your voice commands. You can also control music with your voice. Google says that users will be able to access their YouTube’s library using the Assistant while driving.

The Assistant also receives a new Explore tab that aims to show you nearby activities and events. Tech experts say that Google has been working on a Match feature. As the name suggests, the feature helps you decide if a place is right for you, depending on your own drinks/food preferences you provided.

There is also a For You tab, which is specifically designed to show your interesting communities. All you need to do is to provide what you like and it will automatically keep you updated with the latest happenings.

Google Assistant is now available on the iPhone. Basically, the Assistant works similar to its Android counterpart. However, the Assistant now acts as an iOS app, meaning that you cannot do iOS system tasks, like toggling Bluetooth, turning on/off Wi-Fi and enabling/disabling AirDrop. The Assistant will get more updates this year, so let’s wait and see.

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