iPhone SE 2 to come with Face ID

Apple iPhone SE is one of the best-selling iPhone models in emerging markets, like India and Brazil. The original iPhone SE was met with mostly positive reviews from users and tech experts worldwide, but it failed to live up to expectations out there. Rumors regarding the next generation iPhone SE have started to heat up for months.

Rumors say that the second generation iPhone SE will get a refresh this year, with new exciting features and changes. One such feature lies in Face ID. According to recent reports, Face ID will make its way into the iPhone SE 2 this year. Face ID is exclusive to the current iPhone X, Apple’s premium device. If this is the case, it would be a surprise, seeing that Apple brings it to an affordable device.

Back in 2016, Apple released the original iPhone SE at a March event following months of endless rumors. Sources say that the iPhone SE 2 will make its debut at this year’s WWDC event, and launch to the public in September. Tech experts say that the September launch of iPhone SE 2 indicates that the device has a lot of exciting things that help it stand in line with iPhone X Plus.

In terms of specs, the upcoming iPhone SE will come with a much-improved hardware and better camera setup like A10 chip and new camera technology. Some sources say that the device will support wireless charging and all-glass back. Last year, Apple moved away from the traditional aluminum body in favor of a glass design. In reality, an all glass-back design was once used on the iPhone 4.

Rumors claim that the iPhone SE 2 will launch in India this year. Apple will assemble the iPhone SE in a facility in the country. This makes sense, seeing that Apple is opening new facilities in India.

iPhone SE 2 is expected to compete with Chinese smartphone firms on the market. In reality, Xiaomi and Huawei are among the top Chinese brands out there. It seems that Apple has a lot of work to do to take on other brands on the market.

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