Better Mobile Phone Models Coming from China at Last!

chinese mobile phone brands

Almost everyone seems to have a mobile phone these days, even the older generation are jumping on the bandwagon with updated technology. It seems to be a top priority for us as a growing population to own the best, latest mobile phone. Not only to make our lives easier in ways of progressive apps or new mobile functions. But, to have a superior model or brand than your friends, it’s kind of an unwritten rule between us all.

We strive to have the latest mobile phone model, like many of us who enter into mobile contracts with various providers. Wanting to upgrade the mobile as soon as a newer, better version, or even a better different model comes out, we then upgrade early. This is all good news for all the mobile companies providing call and data plans for us around the globe. This seems to be something happening more and more, people are re-contracting themselves to get a better mobile, but possibly not a better deal in the long run.

There is also the section of us who don’t want the latest models from the big high street names such as Apple and Samsung. We are happy to find mobiles that have the same functions and capabilities at a cheaper price. We don’t have $600, $700, $800 or even more to do so; otherwise, I suppose we would!

The Landscape for the Humble Chinese Mobile Phone is Changing

However, people are now beginning to embrace the Chinese mobile phone market, which in the past has been a bit scary and a bit of a minefield. But, these days, mobiles from China are of a much better quality, and also I think the best thing is that the menus are not in Chinese, which I have to say from personal experience years ago is not a great thing. All the various brands of mobiles emerging from China are a much superior level to those from only ten years ago.

Chinese mobile brands are very popular these days and people are buying these mobiles sim free and using their paid plan sim instead to get a great upgrade, but not signing themselves up for another two years because they chose to lock into the same provider.

Who are the Big Players?

These top brands from China like Uhans, Xiaomi and Huawei just to name a few as there are many handset producers today. All the models you find are on par with the brands that we know and love, even you probably have in your pocket right now.

People still seem to be wary to buy these products, mainly because they come from China, but this is not a bad thing. These handsets are miles better both in quality and functionality compared to previous versions. You are able to do just as much, in some case more than the trusted brands. You can use all wireless apps and popular online apps to go about your daily routine of whatever it is you do. Like shopping, diet recipes, news, YouTube, online casino and slots, watching the weather and of course social media, anything.

It’s just a stigma that mobile phone products from China are not as good as the West, which is absolute rubbish. That may have been the case years ago, but these new mobile phone models are just as good as the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony, which we are all used to. Which is quite funny though if you think about it, as these manufacturers are all also Asian companies, from South Korea and Japan.

So why not try a Chinese mobile phone the next time you upgrade? You might surprise yourself.