Casetify Launches “24 Karat Magic Case”: Customizable iPhone X Protective Case Collection

iPhone X protective case yellow gold with 24k gold foil

One of the world’s largest tech accessories brands, Casetify, has launched a brand new collection of luxury iPhone X protective case collections called 24 Karat Magic Case. The alluring pieces are finely crafted using 24k gold, rose gold leaf and mother of pearl as embellishments, but are available at a surprisingly affordable starting price of only $55.

Using Casetify’s strong impact case construction methods, these luxurious and edgy cases bring the company’s famed customization feature to iPhone X users all over the world.

Rose Gold with Mother of Pearl Protective Case

This opulent-yet-somehow-subtle case for iPhone X brings the luxurious touch of rose gold leaf and mother of pearl to your fingertips as you fondle your premium device in your hands. Naturally, you should avoid using harsh chemicals like acetone, vinegar, alcohol, or varsol to clean this magnificently sparkly case.

iPhone X protective case rose gold leaf

Casetify guarantees the uniqueness of each protective case because the pattern and size of the embellishments are as singular as your Fingerprint ID! Naturally, the case comes with Casetify’s famous Say My Name customization.

Simply enter your name, and choose a font, font color, and alignment during the ordering process, and your custom iPhone X protective case will be in your hands before you know it. Also available for iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6, including Plus variants.

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Silver with Mother of Pearl iPhone Case

Ah, the smell of the sea. Mother of Pearl, silver, and pirates! If you’re a little more adventurous, why not check out the Silver with Mother of Pearl protective case from Casetify? The silver foil adds a hint of adventure and romance, while the mother of pearl mined from the depths of the sea will leave your fingers tingling at the touch. And, of course, you can customize it with the Say My Name feature, as I’ve done below:

iPhone X protective case silver

This exquisite case is as edgy as it is luxurious, and when you opt for the Say My Name customization feature in the ordering process, get ready to be bombarded with a barrage of questions from your friends about where you got this incredible protective case for your iPhone. Psst, it’s okay, you can tell them you got it at Casetify. Even if they buy one just like it, theirs will be as unique as yours.

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Yellow Gold with 24k Gold

And now for the most special creation of Spring 2018. The 24k yellow gold foil highlights of this singular iPhone case will be the highlight of the evening, for sure. Crafted with the utmost care to ensure that your iPhone is properly protected, Casetify takes the extra effort to create a symphony in gold.

iPhone X protective case yellow gold with 24k gold foil

All that glitters may not be gold, but when your iPhone case from Casetify glitters, it’s gotta be 24k gold. The very best materials, the very best designs, and the very best price. That’s what this is about.

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About the 24 Karat Magic Case Collection from Casetify

Casetify has been delighting iPhone and premium smartphone customers the world over for several years now. The company is a pioneer in the field of customizable tech accessories. This latest collection is a testament to their dedication to making quality products at down-to-earth prices. But it also showcases the creative blood that courses through their veins. As a customer, your satisfaction is their only business, not just a part of it.

1redDrop supports this brand for several reasons, not the least of which is that Casetify stands for fair play. Employee wages are on par with local standards of living, and the company even provides health benefits to workers. That’s even in countries that don’t have adequate laws to address the issue. Moreover, the company actively conserves natural resources. It consciously works to prevent excessive wastage while manufacturing their exquisite iPhone cases.