10 Reasons Why In-Ear Monitors are Best for Drummers and Singers

band playing live - in-ear monitor

If you are shopping online or in local retail stores for an ear monitor, there are some things that you will need to know before you begin your search for in-ear monitors, on-ear monitors and over-ear monitors.

If you are a drummer or a professional singer, this is absolutely essential. And because there are so many different types, brands and models available in this industry today, it is easy to become swamped, frustrated and overwhelmed with the choices.

Therefore, in order to dumb down this decision-making process, you should know exactly what to look for in your venture so you can narrow it down to the right option for you.

Also, for those of you who are thinking about a specific type of ear monitor that you may need, you might look at what the in-ear monitor has to offer.

The in-ear monitor is a favorite for many people – according to Ironhorsetrading – in the music production and performance fields since they have been made especially for this purpose.

With this in mind, here are 10 reasons why in-ear monitors are best for drummers and singers.

#1 – Provides Superior Sound Quality for these Professions

Keeping the beat with the drum is not as simple as some may think. Even for a professional drummer, the sound that they hear can make a big difference in how well the song will be played.

Because the drum is the one who helps to drive the beat in any musical selection, it is imperative that the sounds that he hears are distinct and of superior quality. So, whenever the drum needs an ear monitor to assist them with playing, the in-ear monitor can be just what it is required.

In fact, for the drummer, the in-ear monitor may be described as the only alternative gear that can be worn.

For example, if the drummer hears a lesser quality sound, it is usually considered to be a case of garbage in and garbage out.

Specifically, in the situations where a drummer is playing live on stage for an audience to hear the performance.

It is also important to note that the quality of this type of monitor can provide a significant boost of confidence to the drummer so that he will give his best in all of his performances.

#2 – Gives Musicians the Optimal Volume Levels Needed

Whenever any musician is using wedges (wedge monitors), the sound engineers handling the monitor mix usually end up in the midst of a variety of volume wars, especially when considering the differences between the amplified and the unamplified volume mixes.

For instance, the singers cannot hear their voices over the bass players, electric guitarists or the drummer.

When this is the situation, it is not uncommon for the monitor engineers to requests a singer to adjust the volume accordingly.

Fortunately, this is one of the benefits of using an in-ear monitor (excludes bass player sounds) since it gives the capability to choose the exact mix that they want to hear so that no confusion arises.

#3 – Feedback is Eliminated

Feedback from other sounds and instruments can be singers or a drummer’s nightmare.

Since feedback can be described as the intense buzzing and whining that occurs when other instruments are being played, this can be a significant problem.

Especially, when the stage that the singer and the drummer perform on is crowded with loudspeakers, microphones and other devices that can cause this type of interference.

That being said, when the singer or drummer has an in-ear monitor, they can avoid these problems of intervention since the in-ear monitor is like having a personal monitoring system available at all times.

#4 – Hearing Health

Another great reason to wear in-ear monitors is hearing health. Because continuous exposure to various high sound pressure levels can cause damage to your ears, you need an alternative that will protect your health.

Unlike the earplugs that can assist in damaging the ear permanently, the in-ear monitors will not only protect one’s hearing health but will deliver the actual sounds that need to be heard.

#5 – Reduced Vocal Strain

If you want to prevent vocal strain problems and possibilities, the in-ear monitor is considered to be the right option for these kinds of issues.

This is especially the case for those of you who need to hear yourselves very clearly without having to scream out notes and sounds loud.

Instead, with the in-ear monitor as part of the solution, singers will be able to hear their vocals easily and control the volume that they ring out. Even in the cases where the singer has a loud, powerful voice, the volume can be adjusted up or down as it is needed without a lot of unnecessary issues.

Therefore, one of the main benefits for many singers is not having to strain their vocal cords trying to sing to the individual level.

#6 – Stereo Monitoring

The in-ear monitor is advantageous for singers and drummers who need the stereo sound experience.

Since our ears are designed for stereo listening, stereo is always considered to be an all-natural way of creating the right listening environment.

Also, because the stereo sound is more natural to the ears, it leaves both the drummer and the singers with better ear health over an extended period; primarily because these devices are designed for creating a lower volume as well.

#7 – Personal Control

Drummers and Singers are often in control of their musical environments at all times.

So, it is essential that each has the set up that they need to do well. For instance, one of the best benefits of having an in-ear monitor is that it gives the user the power to make the monitoring adjustments that are required.

Also, the individual singer or developer can customize the mix to their own listening experience using the knobs that have been provided for the adjustments.

#8 – Gone Mobile: Perform Anywhere on Stage Live

In addition to the drummer or singer being provided with the initial control that they need to do well in their performances, it is also important to note that a mobile feature is genuinely the right option.

With the use of an in-ear monitor, the singer and drummer can move around in any way that they so desire and it will not affect the quality of the tone, feedback or the like.

People usually enjoy these devices because they can perform on any part of the stage that they want to without killing their live performances.

#9 – Clean Audience Mix

In-ear monitors are often preferred for some reasons including learning some things new about the effects on the audience.

Because the audience mix can differ from one crowd to the next, the engineers will need to determine when singers and drummer’s sounds can become unintelligible.

Dissimilar to other kinds of models, the in-ear monitor id ideal for making sure the drum beats and voices can be heard distinctly and not incomprehensible to the audience as a whole.

#10 – Portability

The in-ear monitor systems are portable, so they are easy to carry around from one location to another without a lot of unnecessary hassle.

Not like the 45 to 55 pounds of amps and wedges that weight too much to be moved quickly, the in-ear monitors are user and mobile friendly. In fact, some of the significant benefits include the following:

  • Singer and drummers are provided with the capability of transporting these systems in a briefcase instead of a large vehicle that needs a specific amount of required space.

  • No cables required, so it is a cleaner move for stage purposes

  • Professional look for Professional drummers and singers 


If you want to know why an in-ear monitor is better than other ear monitors, you can review the 10 reasons provided above.

Each of which can explain why singers and drummers consider these devices the option of choice.

Notably, for the singers and drummers that are professional performers in their craft, these in-ear monitoring systems have a wide range of great functional advantages. Many of which are designed to ensure the drummer and singer can hear their voices and instruments promptly over others who are performing in the same sessions.

It is also important to note that these in-ear monitors and the accompanying systems are easy to move from one location to another. So, they are also less expensive to transport from one gig to the next.

Some professionals enjoy this type of in-ear monitor because provides them with better control, especially when they are on stage, and they want to eliminate any unnecessary interference from feedback.

While there are also many benefits to using the in-ear monitor for a wide range of performances, some drummers and singers prefer this version to others because of the superior sound quality that it provides to everyone involved in their performances.